You may have a great eCommerce business going, generating rock steady leads through Digital Advertising or other sales avenues, but you’re losing a bunch at check out! This behaviour may or may not be a norm for your type of business. Some products people do tend to take longer to consider before clicking ‘buy now’ – but all is not lost. This is where an unshakeable Abandon Cart email sequence gives them that extra nudge they need and increases your overall conversion rate. Winning.

Today we talk through how to unlock this simple yet underutilised strategy. We’ll talk you through how to set it up for success and smash your sales conversion targets. Lets go!

1. First email: 3 hours post abandon cart

The first email you set up grabs them whilst they are most hot – whilst you are still front of mind. A gentle reminder, they may have left something spesh in their cart. Many of us will shop, add to cart and then just get distracted by life! This little baby gives them a gentle nudge to go back to their cart and complete what they started. You may want to add a sense of urgency to this first one, such as a scarcity message. Easy as!

2. Second email: 3 days later

This second one is another reminder, but you may want to sweeten it with an enticing offer for their efforts – a special discount code, free shipping or some reason for making the trip back to their cart worthwhile.

3. Third email: 5 days later

OK, life is busy, if you haven’t managed to lure them back yet, you may need to remind them of their discount and that it will expire in say 24 hours. Combining the scarcity message with a money saving reason to purchase today/now/don’t miss out! Folks just get busy, let them know you get it! There will be some who will convert at this stage of the game. They know your brand, they love your stuff, things just got in the way. Here you could invite them to share the discount with a friend who may benefit if they themselves are not ready to commit?

It can take as little as 2 minutes to craft the ultimate Abandon Cart email sequence (if you just copy what we have shared with you above).

But Hold Tight – Here’s a few need-to-knows to perfect the emails!

• Title – Make it worth opening! Grab their attention.
• Set it up to insert the product they just viewed, not just a generic range email.
• Tone of voice – Keep it consistent. If your brand is light-hearted and fun, make sure the emails reflect that.
• Add an element of scarcity, this can deliver ace results – exclusive offer, limited time and so forth!
• Appeal to people’s self-interest (words like bargain, why, easy, save, quick, proven) and perhaps give some news (words like new, now, at last, discover, announcing, just arrived), both proven to capture more eyeballs!

Top Tip: Re-target them through Facebook Ads!

You may not be able to convert each one of these window shoppers through the sequence, but all is not lost – they are a fantastic database to re-target later via Facebook Ads! Either as a Custom Audience themselves or by creating a Look-A-Like audience. They have shown interest in your brand and products before, so your conversion rates with them, and folks like them, will be much higher than a cold audience.

But if time is not your friend and you want help with your Abandon cart emails or your email marketing strategy more broadly – outsource it! We offer a range of strategy and service packages including the design, creation and implementation of your email marketing. Give us a buzz!