Social Media can suck you into its vortex…you can find yourself spending hours creating pretty or informative posts on Instagram or Facebook.

I’ve lost days in Canva trying to get the perfect template for our Instagram feed. Here’s the thing, many businesses who spend time on these posts, forget two key things.

  • If there is no social media content strategy with crystal clear objectives, you are just throwing darts in the dark
  • If you don’t check your numbers, you are running blind and will have no idea if all your hard-earned hours allocated to social media are well worth it

You could be wasting precious time and money on content that is not serving your customers.

We have written before about the importance of content and how your owned social media, is a top-of-funnel activity, that keeps you in your customer’s consideration set. In this hack we are going to talk about the second part of the puzzle – the analytics.

How’s it all work, I hear you say?

Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, all have data analysing tools of their own. There are also tools in the market that can give you even richer data than the native platforms do, including monthly trends and % increases or decreases.

In this hack we will focus on Facebook and Instagram analytics. If you check these platforms weekly, or even once a month for 2 minutes, you can learn a lot about the types of content that is engaging and what your customers find valuable.

But what are we actually looking at?

The key data figures that you want to be all over –

  1. Reach. Simply put, this is how many people your post reaches! The wider the reach, the more eye balls on your post. You probably want to keep a close watch on this, as usually the viral posts will have bigger reach figures.
  2. This includes likes/comments/video views etc. The bigger the better on this one. If people bother to click ‘like/love etc’ or make a comment, you’ve got them interested.
  3. Follows/Unfollowers If this figure is not improving each month, you are doing something wrong (or more over not doing something right). There are tips we can give you on how to increase this organically or through paid campaigns, but your content should be attracting people, not turning them away. You also need level up your activity in finding the right audiences and encouraging them to join your socials ride.
  4. Your competition! Fun fact, often the posts your competition share are not their own content. If you are smart, you will keep an eye on the ones that get great traction and share them yourself. Don’t just follow your competition. Follow your industry magazines and follow the pages your customers are interested in. For a skin-care business, this could be following a fashion magazine’s blogs. If one gets a lot of traction, it is likely to be valuable content for YOUR customers to read. So shamelessly steal and you should get. Facebook Insights tab shows you your competition’s posts and how much reach – it’s fab. Check it out.

But where on earth do I find this data?

For both Facebook and Instagram it is via your Insights tab. In Instagram make sure you have a Business Account as the regular accounts don’t have the Insights. Don’t fear, it is free and easy to convert your Instagram account over, without losing your data.

If you want to be serious about your numbers, you might consider investing more time in tools like Hootsuite and Loomly which aggregate your data a bit better and show your overall trends.
One post might not make a huge difference, but here at The Brand Architect we regularly check whether our customers are getting engagement from videos versus pictures, or owned content versus shared, or one topic over another. The numbers often follow common sense, but not always! Smart businesses know their customer’s best and the insights into what they view / share and engage with are a great way to figure it all out!

But if you think your social media needs a bit more vava voom. Or you just want an objective view from a fresh pair of eyes on your current strategy, then book a session with us. We can help you set up the right foundations and take you through the tools of the trade. We manage the social media for some businesses who want to outsource and for others, we do all the strategy and training and then they take it from there. We can take your social game from Flawesome to Awesome.

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