It’s the age of information overload! Our minds are ready to explode. We must be intentional about what media we consume, or we find ourselves drowning in screen time. The same goes for our customers – which means if you want to earn their engagement, following, and be in their consideration set – you better provide them with super-valuable content! Brands that are relatable and personally connect their audiences through content are the real winners.

Today we’ll explain some of the best-practice hot tips, specifically around your native social media content, to get customers and potential customers tuned in!

What type of content should I post? The magical 3.

  1. Educate them. 1/3rd of all your content should educate them about something related to your brand. That could be hair care tips if you are a hairdresser, or for us, marketing tips for our audience. Keep it relevant – they follow you for a reason. Remember to teach, not preach. You can share articles others have written that are relevant, just add your own commentary to it before you press share. Remember less is more – time poor people will rarely click on each post. We have found leveraging visuals, particularly video + short sharp and succinct text opposed to essay style format to work better.
  2. Promote. If people follow you, they want to know if you have a fab offer. Just keep promotional stuff to a 1/3rd and don’t abuse it. This category includes posting a testimonial from a customer who loves your brand, thanking them for their feedback. Be super proud of doing a cracking job and let the social world know without being boastful. Letting others speak for your brand is a great way of doing this. We’d suggest 1 testimonial a month and 1 offer or reminder of your awesome services and products.
  3. Inspire them! The big one! 1/3rd of your posts should uplift your audience and make them think. The topics will totally depend on your brand. For example, for a hairdresser it might be an image of an outrageously daring colour or for a food author, an image of an impressive meal.
    This really is the fun part where you can share your passions. Choose 2-3 key things you want to promote related to your industry and spend some time looking for images that suit. For a fashion brand it might be promoting a love of colour, or originality, or feminism and feeling good about yourself. For a travel company, it might be promoting a spirit of adventure or just unwinding! Values alignment is critical in engaging your audience. People buy more from brands they align their values with. Think about your brand values and how they can be promoted here.

OK you’ve got the basic content structure covered. Super! So what’s next?

Take 2 minutes to check these things are also bang on!

  1. Tone of voice: Be consistent. Your tone used in social media content should reflect the same tone that runs across all your communications channels. Most importantly it should reflect your brand’s personality.
  2. Visual Identity: This is all-important with mediums like Insta. Your Instagram feed is your front cover to your brand. Sure – be a bit less formal when using ‘stories’ but your feed should look the part. This is worth investing design time into. Tools like Canva provide some good templates for a novice, but a professional designer can save you hours and come up with some bespoke templates you can use and re-use month to month. It’s worth adding to your style guide!
  3. Connection: Sense check your focus is not on the number of followers but the quality of the engagement. You can have a shit ton of followers that don’t engage. It might look good at a surface level, but it isn’t helping you reach your business goals. If your engagement is low, make sure the content is following the 1/3 rule above and chuck in a bit of good old-fashioned personal narrative. Always a winner in the engagement stakes. And insta/facey stories is an awesome way to do this and super easy.
  4. Quality first: We talked about not abusing your customers attention – less is more. You may be rewarded with more likes and reach the more posts you do, but unless they are offering value – don’t press post. We start with around 12 posts a month and scale up to 20 (for each working day). Make each post count. If you want to go nuts…. Use the stories feature! Just remember it disappears in 24 hours…

But if you feel like you are drowning in a list of social media to do’s – outsource it! We offer social media strategy sessions to set you up right or social media management packages to outsource it completely. Give us a buzz!