Social media and digital content creation can eat up time and can get dull pretty quick if you are stuck with stock photos and basic copy.

If you want to engage, tell a story, and build a deeper relationship with potential customers, then we suggest investing some time and effort with a few top-notch tools that can help you up your game.

Today we shout out 6 key content tools you need to know about

  1. Canva

This is every content creator’s go-to. Their strapline is ‘Design anything.’ and it’s not far off the mark!

It’s super easy to use and can really level up your game in visual mediums like Insta. Its drag-and-drop feature makes it intuitive and it has tonnes of layouts to design stunning graphics.

Full of templates, those of us without a designer’s eye can just pop our brand colours into a pre-designed Layout and wallah. Create FB Banners, Post images, Stories, even design leaflets, presentations, training materials, business cards, Tik Tok covers… you get the gist, it’s growing all the time.

You can use the stock images Canva offers up or upload your own. It has a load of filters, icons and shapes to muck around with – a designer’s Disneyland.

Your designs are saved, allowing you to create a few good templates that you can use over and over for say reviews from customers, top tips or any regular themes you might post on.

There is also tutorial section on designing using Canva you can devour if you need some inspo. to supercharge your content creation design skills.

Top Tip: Add your Brand Kit colours and fonts into Canva’s Brand Kit section. Saves time when creating templates.

  1. Mojo for Insta stories

Working off your desktop is old school these days, so much can be done on the go, off our phones. Content is no exception with loads of great apps that make this easy as.

One such gem is Mojo. Create stunning stories with this baby and choose from hundreds of animated templates and expressive text effects.

With different categories from minimalist style to fashion stories, to photography, food, film frames, fitness, cinema, shop, there is something for every brand!

Best of all, it takes seconds to create great content you can post every day! So much to love.

  1. PIXIR Editor –

Boasting to be the world’s favourite online photo editor, we can see why. This nifty site lets you edit photos right in your browser for free. It’s super intuitive photo editing with some fab AI-powered tools for professional edits.

It works with almost any image format such as PSD (Photoshop), PXD, JPEG, PNG (transparent), WebP, SVG, all the must haves.

  1. Stock image sites

So photography is not your forte? No issue. You can grab a bunch of great free stock images from a variety of sites online. One we use a lot here at TBA is Unsplash

With a good range of free high-res images to choose from, there isn’t much you can’t find here. Shutterstock, which you pay for, arguably has more, but we always do a quick search of the free sites to begin with and we are not often left wanting.

  1. UMNUM – photo and video editor

Another handy app for working on the go, this one is another go-to for creating and planning content for Insta, Tik Tok, or story posts.

The ace thing about this gem is the easy Insta. grid creator, so you can see visually what your posts will look like as a collective, before pressing schedule or post. You can integrate it with your existing Insta. feed, so you can see how things flow.

This is a tool we often use when providing content marketing services to refresh our client’s visual feeds and up the game on their Instagram performance.  A social media design expert essential.

  1. Milkshake –

An Insta. must have, this tool lets you create an Insta. website from your phone in minutes. It guides your followers from your bio page, to your most important links. Plus, because of its cool editable templates, you can do it all on brand.

These are great tools, but sometimes businesses need a little helping hand with getting started. If you are interested in a refreshed Instagram visual identity, or a re-look at your social or content marketing strategy, or just need a designer’s eye, give us a buzz and be sure to check out our free content framework.