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First impressions are important and looks are everything! Brands that are aesthetic, eye-catching, and well designed, are the ones that customers remember. And the ones that succeed. In this guide, we well go through all the design bases you need to cover, in order to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd and demands the attention it so rightfully deserves.


But what does this content framework actually go through?



What colours speak best for your brand? Stay with your audience? And stand out from the crowd?



Yes fonts matter, we will go through how to choose your brands fonts and pick the best ones. Once you have them, stick to them!


Space, Alignment & Flow

In your ads and on your website, choice of spacing and layout, how easy your messaging is to read, follow, engage with, and look at.



They tell a thousand words, and the choice of which ones, which size and when/where to use them, make and break a lot of marketing and website design.

By following the template you will have mapped out a high level framework for your content development ensuring everything hangs of this and enables engaging and consistent content that your audience resonates with.

Sounds perfect right?

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