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Great brand and logo design is one of the most well-known but least understood elements of good branding.

Humans are visual, and history has shown time and time again that people will pay more for something that LOOKS valuable, even if the product or service remains the same. Great branding often isn’t the first place that a brand owner looks when attempting to lift their prices or charge a premium, but it should be. If a pen is really just a pen, why do people pay Kikki K price, for a comparable product found in K-Mart?

No matter where you’re brands at in its life cycle, we can help. We offer three different tiers of brand development packages and logo design services. We’re also happy to create bespoke packages for those who need something a little different.

Get Started with a logo design service and brand font and colours.

Level Up the Get Started package and we’ll include profile image for all your socials and your business cards designed

All the Bells & Whistles package gives you all that is included in the other packages plus a Facebook Cover design, business stationary templates x 2, packaged up in a neat little style guide.

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DIY Option.

If you are a new brand with little spare moola, you might want a crack at our DIY option.

Our workbook takes you on a journey to build your business backbone so that you can fire up on a solid foundation.