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You’re at your best when you’re working in your zone of genius. You also know that a business today needs an owned social media presence. So, what do you do when there’s absolutely no overlap between your zone of genius and your social media landscape? Be efficient. Outsource to someone who loves it. That’s us – for all your social media marketing services!

Building emotional connections with your customers brings them in close and increases your chances of them visiting you more than once. Your socials are a great way to engage prospective audiences whilst they sit on the sideline before purchasing. But your content must be on point. Great social media content on your own platforms requires an eye for an appealing aesthetic, the knack of knowing engaging content when you see it and the confidence to promote your brand personality. Our social media management services include all this as well as detailed reports to understand how your account performs month to month.

The goal is simple: your social media activity MUST contribute towards your business objectives and integrate with your other marketing channels. You must understand the role it plays. Our social media marketing services will hold your hand through that.

HOT TIP “Owned” Social Media is your business Facebook, Instagram etc pages. “Paid” Social Media is when you advertise on social media platforms you don’t own. See our Facebook Ads section for paid social media services. (link to Facebook Ads)

Social Media Strategy.

When we build social media strategies, we stick to the fundamentals of story structure. Consider this your how-to manual, whether you intend to manage it in-house, outsource it to us or outsource to someone else. We are here to kick start your social media management the right way.

Social Media Management.

Vanity metrics are welcome here. When we manage your owned social media accounts, we are aiming for outcomes that are aligned with your objectives and the role the platform plays in your marketing funnel. Our management package includes research, production, monthly analysis reporting and strategy meetings.

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Kylie Clark, Salon Tallow.

“When I met with The Brand Architect, my social media was being looked after by one of my stylists who had no formal marketing training. It was not targeted, was ad hoc and there was no real strategy. Once I outsourced it to TBA they set up a plan of action with engaging content scheduled in advance and measurable objectives in place. We hold monthly strategy calls to run through the key messages I need to get across and discuss learning from the prior month. It has meant I can focus on running the business and leave the social media to them. I recommend The Brand Architect to anyone who wants a social media plan and doesn’t have time or inclinations to do it themselves.”