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Brand Strategy


We’ve built businesses, brands and products end-to-end across the globe. So, we can take a bird’s-eye view and identify the opportunities you don’t even know you have.

Nothing unlocks big-picture thinking like turning off your phone, getting out the coloured texts and having a laugh with grown-ups who know their stuff in one of our face-to-face sessions. Alternatively, if spare time is not in abundance for you right now, dump it all on us in a quick discovery session and leave the rest up to us.

From a brand strategy to kick off a new brand to reengineering an existing one. Or a marketing plan that has a laser sharp commercial focus to a discrete campaign plan. We’ve got you covered.

All our strategy work is customised to suit specific client needs. Enquire to receive a quote specifically for your unique requirements.

“Before The Brand Architect, I was just crossing my fingers and hoping I would get bookings, which I knew wasn’t the best approach. Being a small business my budget for marketing was very small. I wanted to make sure my investment would benefit me and give me the outcomes I needed. I signed up to a series of strategy workshops with The Brand Architect who tailored them as I needed and gave me much needed direction. I now feel in control of my business. The on-going mentorship they have provided has also been invaluable.”  Darren Wigley, Co-Founder Mr Hello Mr Wigley

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  • Your very own strategist, on tap.

  • Gain clarity around those marketing challenges keeping you up at night.

  • Identify next best steps.

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DIY Option.

If you are a new brand with little spare moola, you might want a crack at our DIY option.

Our workbook takes you on a journey to build your business backbone so that you can fire up on a solid foundation.