We always get a heap of questions on Facebook Ads and how we create the magic, but there are some super fundamental things that peeps often miss to improve ROI, before they even start spending money on Facey Ads.

As you know, selling to existing customers is way cheaper than acquiring new ones and this logic applies the same for Digital marketing too. Your FB Ads funnel is in fact designed to take advantage of this – with the TOF (top of funnel) there to bring in those who don’t know your brand and BOF there to convert them.

But did you know you can enhance this approach by building your database so when you start serving ads, you have a captive audience who already know your brand? Two ways to do this are through eMail Marketing and SEO.

eMail Marketing

If you build an email database you can target, it’s way cheaper than attracting new clients.

Email subscribers are more likely to be qualified leads, which means that this traffic is super relevant, increasing the chances of conversion.

Email campaigns like email marketing newsletters help you remain top-of-mind, which contributes to sustainable growth over time.

The people on your list signed up because they want to get updates from you. They’re interested in learning more about your brand, including your promotions and discounts. Serve them a Facebook Ad and they’re primed to convert!

When onboarding new digital ads clients, we’ll always ask them to share their eMail subscription database. We can target them, but also create fab look-a-like audiences that share their interests. Simples!


Build organic traffic to your website so you have more peeps to re-target later.

A key tool in a FB Ad Manager’s toolkit is re-targeting customers who’ve been to your website recently. It makes sense that those guys are much more likely to be interested in what you have to say and be high converters.

We’ve had ace results from companies that implement some key SEO basics to drive more traffic to their website. This incIudes:

  • Ensuring the keywords that they need to rank are on their relevant pages
  • That they have regular fresh content on their website such as monthly blogs
  • They’ve made sure their Titles and Meta Descriptions are bang on – with the right keywords to ensure they are noticed.

Simple right?!  Remember with users using search, they already have an intent. They’re looking for you or your fab products, so it makes sense to get this right.

When it comes to organic search, they are likely to already be a high % of your new leads – check out your Google Analytics stats to see for yourself! Investing in this channel makes sense.

Top tip: Don’t neglect your Google My Business Profile (GMB) profile. Updating your GMB with regular posts and ensuring there are up to date images, your logo and correct contact details means peeps can find you. Reach out to your customers to ask for reviews, it all helps and is free marketing for your business.

So, in summary, a solid Email marketing strategy coupled with on-point SEO can help you before you even get started investing in Facey. Having an integrated marketing approach is always the way to go. But if you need some help along the way, driving both these channels or being in the best position to launch FB Ads, contact us at hello@thebrandarchitect.com.au and book a free consult!