You might have a great social media presence, fab-tastic followers and engagement and be super responsive on messenger, but did you know despite the numerous communications channels available today, email is still one of the best ways to get and stay in touch with your customers and can deliver great returns with a solid strategy!

Today we talk through 5 key email marketing tactics you’ll want to know to leverage this simple yet underutilised channel. Let’s get started!

  • Have a sunsetting policy

Might seem wacky, but you can get a better email marketing ROI by making your email list smaller! If you stop sending emails to subscribers that you know aren’t going to open those emails or click through, your email sending costs go down and your email marketing metrics improve. Simple!

Subscribers that never touch your emails are deemed inactive subscribers. And, removing those peeps from your list boosts performance. Plus, it helps protect your sender reputation – makes sense hey. A sunsetting policy gives you trigger points for removing subscribers from your email lists. We recommend setting a hard rule, and sticking to it. This could be time or number of emails based. Give it a try. 

  • Segment your list

This one just makes sense, by segmenting your list you can send only what’s relevant to each participant. Your lists can be segmented by where they are at in the customer journey, for example previous purchasers, those who visited your website in the last X days or by their demographics or attributes if you have them too.

If your CRM / mail system has the functionality for your subscribers to manage their preferences (what topics they want to hear about from you, what channel to send to, how often, etc) this can be a great way to ensure your messages are relevant and well-received. 

  • A/B test your subject lines

This is a super easy one to implement. Before you press send or set a sequence in motion, send a small volume out with one subject line and another small volume out with another – then see which gives you a better result. Then you can send the remaining emails with the more compelling subject line!

This example of split testing can be replicated in other areas, such as testing whole emails with a smaller list first or experimenting to find the best time to send emails.

  • Share your knowledge

Your emails need to add value to your customers to be worth their time and effort to open. We all live super busy lives these days, bombarded regularly with loads of information. Earn that click to open or read by providing your expertise on the areas you know best – your business. Our hacks are our example of doing this, giving peeps reasons to open this and look out for the next month’s installment. Don’t make every email a sales pitch – gain credibility and be seen as the expert you are, by sharing your top tips and thought leadership through a blog post you share! Offering exclusive content or giving your subscribers a chance to see first, makes them feel valued and your content feel valuable! Great for building brand-love too. 

  • Have an objective for each one

Before you dive in and create those email master-pieces, remember your objective. Is there a clear action you want your readers to take? Did they learn something new about your brand, your products or services? Or a bit more about your team? They should always feel that they walked away with something valuable. Do you want them to click-through, apply a discount code, share something with a friend, leave you a review? Keep the objectives always at the forefront. 

Top Tip: Re-target them through Facebook Ads! 

You may not be able to convert each one of these email subscribers through a sequence, but all is not lost – they are a fantastic database to re-target later via Facebook Ads! Either as a Custom Audience themselves or by creating a Look-A-Like audience. They have shown interest in your brand and products before, so your conversion rates with them and folks like them, will be much higher than a cold audience.  

But if time is not your friend and you want help with your email marketing strategy – outsource it!  We offer a range of strategy and service packages including the design, creation and implementation of your email marketing. Give us a buzz!