We always get a heap of questions on Facebook Ads and how we create the magic, so this month we’re bringing you more super-hot tips, this time on Interest targeting, to lift your Facebook Ads game!

This one you’d be crazy to miss – We can show you how through interest targeting you can reach cold audiences more accurately, for less and up your FB Ads performance.  Simple as and will help push your media spend further. Right let’s crack on.

First, who are these peeps? Interest based audiences are those we want to introduce to our brand who may not have heard of us before & FB is a flippin’ awesome resource for this!

Remember: the big difference from search engine marketing is (depending what keywords you’re targeting) search audiences usually have an intent to buy, they know what they’re looking for and your ads ensure they find you.
Prospecting on FB is putting your ads in front of people who might want to buy from you but just don’t know it yet! These peeps are busy connecting with friends and want to be inspired. It’s up to us to create the intent but first you have to find the right people to target.

Consider who would be likely to need your product/service – think of anything they may do or enjoy watching/reading about that is a good fit with what you offer. The interest doesn’t have to align exactly, especially if used in conjunction with other interests or demographic targeting – for example, if you’re selling environmentally friendly cosmetics then you might combine interest in renewable energy/recycling (implying eco-consciousness) with interests that imply this person cares about their appearance.
Or another example, say you are marketing a fancy garden hose – you might combine an interest in gardening with your geographic targeting towards areas where houses are more common than apartments.

Here are 7 top ways to find those interest audiences.

  1. Facebook Audience Insights. FB Ad creator’s go-to. Open Audience Insights, enter interests and the country, then click to page likes (second tab), then click on column ‘affinity’ to sort by this. Test one of these as an audience, starting with those at least 10x as a rule of thumb.
  2. Search the Big G for categories related to your niche, brands, products, magazines and public figures. Then search for their FB Fan pages or check out the links to FB on their website, then see if you can target it! For example, if you know your audience are big country music fans, google and see what comes up, if you see a Facebook page targeting it, check out if you can target it and if the audience is big enough.
    If you have a large enough group to target then consider going more niche – a person who follows multiple golfers and lesser-known ones is more likely to be an enthusiast than someone who likes Tiger Woods.
  3. Check our who your current customers ‘like’ Some peeps have their interests public, have a peak!
  4. Go to Fan Pages that your audience are interested in and ‘like’ them, then check the ‘more pages you might like’ or ‘Related pages’ information that FB throws up.
  5. Check out what FB suggests when you create an Ad. Open your Ads Manager, enter the interest then check out the ‘suggestions’ tab! Simples!
  6. Use FB’s search bar to look for interests and pages. Type in ‘pages liked by hairdressers’ for example, if that is your target!
  7. Use Wikipedia to search for a topic and check out the other interests and associated things that come up! Super easy.

A final tip is to check out https://www.similarweb.com/ and type in a website you know your audience may be interested in, say even a competitor, and find out where they’ve visited before and where they go to after, so you can find more to target.

These are just a few key ones we’ve found work for us and our customers, but there are a heap more we are happy to share.  

But if you are not seeing the magic after a few weeks of trying these or get stuck and just don’t have the time to figure it all out – outsource it! We offer FACEBOOK Advertising packages from $1299, with free onboarding when you sign up to a 6 month period. Whatever your FACEBOOK Ad issues are, give us a buzz!