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Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads that work and work

For folks who already have a solid business and brand strategy, narrowing your focus and converting your hard work into real sales and profit is the next step.

We’ve heard people say that Facebook Ads don’t work. They’re wrong. Anyone can boost a Facebook post. Some people even manage to load an ad. What they’re missing is a strategy. Digital marketing should work as a marketing funnel, just like any other lead activities you undertake.

We utilize the hard work you’ve already put into your brand and focus on activating it and taking it to the next level.  By developing overall campaign strategies, split testing audiences, image, copy and ad location, we create ads that work. We’re in the platform every day and have been for years. We keep an eye on trends and changes to the algorithm and know our pixels from our CPM. Most importantly, we set KPI’s and estimate ROI before you spend a cent.

The Digital Lead Gen Package includes:

  • A review of your existing marketing funnel and it’s compatibility with Facebook ads. We won’t run ads if we don’t think they will work;
  • A minimum of 3 distinct Facebook campaigns, including copywriting and image editing;
  • Regular ad monitoring and optimisation;
  • Weekly reporting on ad performance; and
  • A monthly strategy call, to determine priorities and agree campaigns

Digital lead generation is a phenomenal resource for small and medium businesses. It’s your chance to get in front of your target customers, again and again in different ways, to show how you understand their pain points and can add value to their lives.

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Facebook Ads management packages start from $999+GST a month.

Want to add in Google Adwords? Just ask!

*Techy talk: Campaign is the terminology Facebook uses for an ad or group of ads with the same objective. It might be website traffic, brand awareness, video views or conversions. We work with you to determine which campaign type best meets your goals.

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