Getting your Facebook Ads approach right is no simple task. If you have set it up right, it is something that needs continuous optimization and testing multiple variants of your Ads to ensure you get the best return on investment. But if you get it right, it can be the best return on your marketing dollars you can get! Particularly for small businesses who don’t have the big budgets for above the line media to build their brand and need to see return on investment from every dollar spent.

Today we are going to talk about a trick to ensure you get better efficiencies from your Facebook Ads by checking your audience doesn’t overlap.

If you can de-duplicate your audiences, you will avoid annoying customers getting your ads too many times and ensure you are not wasting money un-necessarily on audiences you have already invested in. This is the hack – as the process of doing this only takes 2 minutes!

So what is audience overlap?

When creating a Facebook Ad, you firstly need to create an audience. A large part of getting your Facebook Ads right is knowing your audience and selecting the right targets in Facebook.

Facebook’s algorithm will reward you for this – as the better you target and the more your audience responds to your ad, the more Facebook will show that ad.

Facebook’s main aim is always people being on Facebook more, so they reward advertisers that show relevant ads and penalise those who show ads that turn customers off their phone.

Audience Overlap is when you are driving ads to multiple audiences at once where a single person could potentially be in all of them. This is one of the common causes of ad fatigue, along with not refreshing your creative often enough.

How do I avoid this?

Follow these simple steps.

1) Go to your Audiences section in Ads Manager

2) Select the audiences you want to check for overlap

3) Click the Actions drop-down menu and select Show Audience Overlap.

4) All audiences are compared to the audience at the top. You can change the top audience by selecting a new one from the drop-down list at the top right. We suggest putting your audiences in order of priority from the most important to the least.

5) Use Exclusion Targeting in your Ad Sets to remove any overlap segments from your custom audiences. For example, exclude your re-targeting audiences (website visitors, purchasers, etc) from your lookalike or saved audiences.

As a rule of thumb, an overlap higher than 15% will hinder your campaign performance and increase your overall costs!

How do I ensure I have the right strategy in place?

September we are launching our Facebook Ads Strategy Blueprint for eCommerce customers.

This has been in the making for a long time and is a how to guide to ensuring the right strategy for your Facebook Ads. If you are attempting to run Facebook Ads yourself, you will need this guide! We are currently offering this for $99 for the first 100 customers and are wait listing them as we speak. We already have ½ of the waitlist filled. This document is designed to save you $1,000s of money which is often poured down the drain if you don’t get the fundamentals right. If you are interested in joining our wait-list please email us at