So, you’ve got through 2020. You survived. You’ve got a great business going. Set up Facebook Ads, winning! But then the results are a bit blah. You’re thinking, am I missing something here!?

We come across businesses regularly doing it for themselves who forget that solid copy matters. You’ll need great copy at each level of the funnel to move your customers through the journey to conversion….Or you’ll lose them along the way.

Good copy can capture and convert, bad copy can leave those leads or sales dead in the water….

Today we talk through what good copy looks like at each stage. Let’s get going!

1. Top of funnel copy

TOF is the awareness stage, typically where you are introducing your business. The main goal here is to appeal to new audiences. This might be where you share with them a blog or introduce them to your services with a super sharp video.

Raise awareness and make people realize they need your product/service. Do this by highlighting their interests, needs and problems, and how you can solve all that. Focus your ads on the unique benefits you offer. Make this stage informational and educational.

Use short, striking, super memorable phrases. Especially if people don’t know your brand well yet. Copy here needs to be concise but leads them to act.

At this stage of the funnel, it’s usually too early to be asking for conversions, what works well here are goals like Brand Awareness, Reach, Traffic, Video Views, Messages. Things you may want to ask your customers to do include:

  • Watch a video
  • Visit your website
  • Take a quiz
  • Check out your product page
  • Read a blog post or a guide, etc.

Some Ace CTAs at this stage of the funnel include:

  • Learn More/Now
  • Watch More
  • Listen Now
  • Contact Us 

2. Middle of funnel

This is your consideration stage, these guys are not super cold audiences, you’ve warmed them up with the TOF or they’re familiar on some level with your brand through visiting your website or Facebook page. Use Custom Audiences to target recent interaction with your ads (such as people who watched a certain percentage of your video ads), profile pages and website (pixel).

Here you’ll want to get them interested enough to try out your hot products and services. You can be more direct here, say ask them for their contact details in return for a fab downloadable.

Campaign objectives to focus on here are Traffic, Engagement, Lead Generation, Messages and Conversions. Image Ads, Lead Ads and Carousel Ads work great at this level of the funnel.

Remember these guys are already warmed up and know your business, so just need a nudge to pass over their deets. Proven lead magnet offers for the Consideration stage are: Free trials, Webinars, Free samples, Special deals and discounts, Product demos, Downloadable e-books, reports, case studies, giveaways.

In the MOF/Consideration stage you’II want to highlight things like: Your social proof, No risk, value of the freebie, etc. No need to highlight product/services benefits again like you did in the TOF.

While you’re staying top of mind with this group, consider sharing news such as product updates, upcoming promotions, inspirational use of your products, etc – the sort of things you’re running in your newsletters to subscribers.

Super CTA buttons for the Consideration stage include:

  • Sign up
  • Get offer
  • Download
  • Subscribe
  • Learn more
  • Book now
  • Shop now

 3. Bottom of funnel

This is where the magic happens and your goal here is to turn these guys into converters. This audience is sizzling hot and you’ll want them to act fast – create here a sense of urgency. This audience could be a custom one and those who abandoned cart or visited your website in the last 7 days for example.

Here your goals are Conversions, Catalogue sales or Store Traffic. Images, Carousels and Dynamic Product Ads work best here.

You’ll want your copy to be specific, direct and to the point. Highlight the value of the deal. Things to mention here include:

  • Price /Discounts / Special offers and discounts
  • Free shipping, fast delivery
  • Amount saved
  • Free gift/s
  • Social proof
  • Time limited/ sense of urgency
  • Risk-free (guarantee) purchase, etc.

Fab CTAs at the Conversion stage include:

  • Shop now/ today
  • Get offer
  • Sign up
  • Subscribe today

It can take as little as 2 minutes to craft the ultimate Facebook Ad copy

But Hold Tight – Here’s a few more vitals

  • Use emojis in your copy to make it social-friendly!
  • Try capitalising your headlines – it works.
  • Write in a language that is super easy to understand, not too academic or complex.
  • Add an element of scarcity, this can deliver ace results – exclusive offer, limited time and so forth.
  • Appeal to people’s self-interest (words like bargain, why, easy, save, quick, proven) and perhaps give some news (words like new, now, at last, discover, announcing, just arrived), both proven to capture more eyeballs.
  • Where you can: replace copy with images and videos that tell that story.

But if copy is not your forte and you’re over going it alone – outsource it!  We offer Facebook Ads Management packages from $1100/month and for a little extra, we create your assets and content for you! Give us a buzz.