So, you’ve got a great business going. Set up a bunch of things yourself. Got a fab website, A Facey and Insta page and are killing it with your on-point content. Set up Facebook Ads yourself, winning! But then the results are a bit blah – ho-hum. Certainly not meeting the hyped-up expectations you had…

Your strategy might be on game, your products or services fantastic, your website set up for conversions. So, where have you gone wrong? We come across businesses regularly doing it for themselves, forget that solid copy matters. You are not going to engage buyers and potential buyers with messages that fall flat on a heap.

Good copy can capture and convert, bad copy can leave those leads or sales dead on the water….

Today we talk through how to level up your Facebook Ads conversion goals through top copy. Let’s go!

  1. Keep it snappy, cut out the noise!

Be concise, text doesn’t grab their attention like images or video. People’s eyes instinctively go to the visual part of the ad first. If the visuals grab ‘em they’ll spend a few seconds reading the text. So, serve them the key message quick, short’n’sweet. Easy!

One teeny caveat – at different points in the funnel, longer text can work – test it out, see what delivers.

  1. Keep it memorable and consistent

Use short, striking, super memorable phrases. Especially if people don’t know your brand well yet (low brand equity). A hot tip – you can then re-use or reference these phrases in other ads (paid search) and in your content (the website, videos, blogs etc.). Consistency of message is key.

  1. It’s all about the dynamic creative!

A cool little tool is the dynamic creative feature in Facebook Ads. Ok – there’s a bit more effort, due to the extra sets of copy required – but this forces you to think of unique ways to convey your awesome ideas. Different words resonate with different kinds, but Facebook learns and determines which copy and assets combinations will perform better, so you don’t have to. We think that’s pretty smart!

It can take as little as 2 minutes to craft the ultimate Facebook Ad copy

But Hold Tight – Here’s a few more vitals

  • Use emojis in your copy to make it social-friendly!
  • Have a super clear CTA (Call to Action). Good copy shows people where they need to go. Test different CTAs. For example, “Learn More” vs. “Book Now”. Remember to include links to encourage them to click through.
  • Try capitalising your headlines – it works.
  • Write in a language that is super easy to understand, not too academic or complex.
  • Add an element of scarcity, this can deliver ace results – exclusive offer, limited time and so forth.
  • Appeal to people’s self-interest (words like bargain, why, easy, save, quick, proven) and perhaps give some news (words like new, now, at last, discover, announcing, just arrived), both proven to capture more eyeballs.
  • Include your top-value selling points. “Afterpay”, “Free shipping”, “Free returns”, you get the gist.

Top Tip: Split Test: Try different copy types, see what works

You can use apps like Yay Text to convert your Ad’s text to bold or italic and an awesome range of font styles. Facebook’s golden rule is Test, Test, Test!

But if copy is not your forte and you’re over going it alone – outsource it! We offer Facebook Ads Management packages from $1100/month and for a little extra, we create your assets and content for you! Give us a buzz.