We always get a heap of questions on Facey Ads and how we create the magic, so today we’re bringing you our super-hot optimisation tips to lift your Ads game!

Many of our customers have tried their hand at Facebook advertising, putting in the hours to get it working. We get it, when you are starting out, budgets are tight and you may not have the initial cash flow to outsource – you may get some initial success, but then things become stale and you run out of ideas. Today we’ll share some areas of optimisation to consider and some of our best practise tips. Right let’s crack on.

Today we shout out 7 key optimization tips

  1. Check your Audience – then duplicate

When analysing your audience, you need to know and understand your customer’s behaviours. Building lookalike audiences (from past purchasers, for example) is the way to go. Facey has so many data points on each and every one of us… by creating a Lookalike Audience of your current audience, you are bound to see better results!

Remember you only want to target users that haven’t engaged with you, or brought from you, in these audiences, so exclude users that have already visited your website, engaged with your sociaIs or purchased from you before, in your TOF.

  1. Build and manage your funnel

For a start, you’ll need to have one! Many who start out, don’t understand that Facebook Ads work best when you build a funnel which moves your customers from the top, to the bottom, to conversion. Some peeps will no doubt convert at the top, but that’s not what that top funnel (TOF we call it for short) is for.

If you are analysing your conversion rates, & your bottom of funnel is not converting, sometimes it is the top of the funnel that needs to be adjusted instead. The BOF may be small, but driving more budget and more peeps through the TOF may help you grow it.

  1. Watch for Ad fatigue

Showing the same ads, to the same audience, you’ll get Ad fatigue and find an Ad set stops working. That said, we have had some success from making live a previous Ad set that has gone stale – it’s all about the audience. Sometimes, it’s not the creative that needs to change, but instead, just showing it to a new audience – Easy. If your audience is fresh, but your ad stops working – then you might need to look at the Ad itself.

Check your ad frequency, if it’s super high, you’ll want to add more ads. For example, in the TOF the frequency is often low, but in the BOF it’s usually high as the audiences can be smaller, so having 2 or more ads works best in this part of the funnel.

  1. It’s not always Facebook….

Never an easy conversation with our customers, but sometimes an important one to have. Often if Facey is not performing, there may be an issue with the website. We had a client recently who was getting super-high add to carts, but conversion rates were the pits. It wouldn’t matter how much was poured into their Facebook media spend, or what we optimised, the outcomes were not going to improve drastically until they updated key elements of their site. Once they did – we struck gold. Add to carts turned into conversions, and ROAS went through the roof. Ace.

  1. Your Ad copy/Creatives

Good practise doesn’t use the same creative for every ad, but mixes it up, with a few different images/copy to see which resonates best with your audience/s – this is called split testing. Simple!

Vital tip: The messaging at the TOF needs to be different to the message at the BOF. The TOF is someone that doesn’t know you at all, versus. someone that may have added to cart.

  1. Your budget

Bigger is not always better, but you need to channel it right. Good optimisation should get you a better ROI over time and as you start to build insights.

Never edit budgets over 15-20% at one time. When editing paid advertising budgets, wait a few days till you see it perform, then edit again incrementally.

  1. Do nothing

Recognise when Facebook is in learning mode. If you make a load of changes, you’ll need to wait 2-3 days to see the impact of those changes. If you keep changing things, you’ll never know what worked and what didn’t. Sometimes it’s better to step away, wait and learn….Facey is very reactive to changes so hold tight.

Top tip: Your pixel matters, lose it and Facebook resets and it takes time to build it all up again. Make sure you’ve only got one on your website… we’ve had customer’s find 2-3, which could duplicate the results.

If you get stuck, need a bit more help and just don’t have the time to figure it all out – outsource it!

We offer Facebook Marketing packages from $1100+GST/month, with free onboarding when you sign up to a 6 month period. Whatever your Facebook Ads issues are, give us a buzz!