GMB, should be a staple part for any business owner’s digital strategy, it is ever evolving and changing along with the rest of the Big G’s suite of products. Every digital marketing agency knows it’s our job to keep up to speed on these changes. They’ve implemented some fab updates this year that can help you up the ante when it comes to your business leads and sales.

Today we shout out the ‘Need to Know’ updates to grab more attention and improve how you rank in local search results. Let’s get after it!

  1. Service-Area based listings

Google have gone and changed how SABs (Service Area Businesses) set up their service areas in GMB. Instead of setting the service area as a radius around the address, you can now specify the service area by city, post code or region. Easy as.

They also now let you dive-in and enter every service or product you offer directly into your listing. Simply login, go to Info, then head on over to services. You can add individual sections, and in each section, individual items. For each item, you can create your own outstanding description. Brill.

Your listing should match the same info your website product and services pages do. This can get super detailed, like with some restaurants listing every menu item on offer!

  1. Social Media Icons

Social Media icons are now poppin’ up everywhere on GMB listings. However, it’s not straight-forward to add them. You’ll need a developer to add structured data mark-up so Google can see social profiles associated with your business. Get it right and you’ll drive some ace leads through these platforms.

  1. Request Quote buttons

The Big G has recently added ‘Request Quote’ buttons to eligible businesses in its branded search results. This works its magic via both desktop and mobile versions. It’s only for business peeps who have opted into the GMB messaging feature, so you’ll need to turn that baby on – but it’s super easy with these steps.

  • Open the GMB app
  • Open the location you manage
  • Tap customers
  • Tap messages
  • Tap turn on…. annnnnd done!

Messages from leads can be viewed and responded to using the GMB app. Customers will get these messages through their Google Maps app.

Searchers can get quotes from you without even visiting your website – all through G’s services – which sounds ace in some ways, but it’s up for debate. It’s no secret that Google would like searchers to stay in their ecosystem rather than take a trip over to your website. Our view? It’ll depend on your industry and biz if it’s the right tool. Check it out and let us know if it works for your biz.

Top Tip: With GMB you can now add videos, in less than 2 minutes!

With video you can showcase your business and cracking team working there! Login to your GMB Dashboard and see the ‘Ad Videos’ image on the Overview Tab. It’s super simple to follow the steps from there.

Hold tight and check the following first:

  • Make sure your video is shot on location and are of the peeps that work there or directly pertain to the business. Google can remove videos that are not related to the business location.
  • The video is less than 30 seconds
  • Up to 100MB in size
  • 720p + resolution

Once you have two or more videos on your GMB listing, you’ll get a ‘Videos’ subtab that shows up on mobile devices. Bonus.

Bear in mind that although it’s fab, GMB alone won’t enable a flood of organic traffic, you will want to couple it with a strong on-page and offsite SEO strategy. If you want help with this and don’t want improving search to take over your life – outsource it to an Australian Digital Marketing Agency that has proven results! We offer a range of online marketing and SEO service packages, including all of Google’s goodies – Shopping, Ads, GMB the full gamut. Give us a buzz!