Social Media Marketing has always been a fab way to engage, tell a story and build a deeper relationship with potential customers, repeat customers and super referrers, but it’s also a top tool to drive primed traffic to the centre of your business universe: your website.

Today we shout out some key ways you can use owned socials to drive that traffic. Let’s get at it!

  1. Search Engine Ranking

Your company’s Facebook page might just show up before your website in a Google search. The same can be true for your other socials. If you’re not making the most of your “About Us” sections to direct buyers from social media to your site, you could be missing out on primed-to-convert traffic. Fun fact; Many buyers will seek out your social media pages before they even look for your website. It’s there they get a feel for your brand values and culture, before taking the plunge with their time and money. Make sure your brand is consistent across all these channels and leaves the right impression.

  1. Social Share builds links

Did you know, each time you share a link to your website on a social media page, you build links for the Big G to index? This helps you boost your SEO ratings, as social media pages are considered quality sources by directories like Google. You’ll want to make sure that your socials are on the money, so as not to jeopardise your site’s ranking. Simple.

  1. Grab yourself some influencers

When building your marketing game plan, don’t forget the power of relationships. Consider recruiting influencers to help spread your message and get your target audience over to your website. You’ll want to make sure influencers align with your brand values and have the right audience for you on their doorstep.

Remember to have a rock-solid agreement with them so expectations for the partnership are crystal clear. This could include re-tweeting your posts, posting some Stories, sharing posts on Facey, or posting about your awesome products / services a few times a week, to their engaged-to-the-max audience. Think about what type of control you want them to have over the creatives – they might have some ace ideas to bring to the table. Keep an open mind. Fresh ideas can bring in new traffic and the best influencers, who know their audience, should know what works.

  1. Reporting Insights

The Big G’s Analytics tool includes social reports, so you can track results from your social media traffic. This data is gold and can guide your social media strategy and next steps. Other social media tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social offer social media analytics, helping you see what messages are on point. Some of the best will integrate with Google Analytics, then you’ll see which of your posts drive not just likes, but traffic, conversions, and help drive revenue. Tops!

  1. Exclusive offers and content

Everyone loves a super-exclusive offer or just for me content. Folks want to be in on the secret. It makes them feel part of the ‘cool club’ or group and gives people a reason to pop on over to your site. Tap into this desire by only posting links to this content on your socials. Easy.

Let’s say you did an expert interview with someone folks know and love. You can post the link to the video only on your Facey page for say 24 hours. This’ll motivate followers, with a sense of urgency, to click that link to your website & be one of the first to see it.

Marketing Agencies offering social media marketing services will generally encourage you to use your socials to announce your latest and greatest products and services. This motivates people to hit ‘follow’ on your socials and visit your website for more. By giving your fans the exclusive perks, your website gets traffic: Sounds win-win to us!

Top Tip: Up your social reviews

If you include sections for reviews on your social media, you can boost the number of searches that lead directly to you. Third-party sites have their places, but you really want customers to get the news directly from you. When someone searches for reviews of the products you carry, they may just end up on your social media sites, such as Facey, Insta. and Google+. Those will, in turn, direct the customers to come on over to your site. You get the gist.

Follow these steps to get peeps to review you?! ? It’s simple as.

  • Write a list of your key customers, those who have gained tonnes of value from your products/services. Current or recent peeps, even better.
  • Create an email just for them, including direct links to where they write the review
  • Remind them, it takes less than a couple of minutes to write the review
  • If you can, offer a small incentive or if you’ve also brought from them, a fab review in return.
  • Tailor your email where you can, so they can see you’ve taken the time to address them directly
  • Hit send – Brill!

Social Media is a fab tool, but without a proper strategy, you’ll miss out on traffic that will convert, so you may want to consider folks experienced in social media management services to help you.

If your looking for social media marketing services and want a social and content strategy designed to bring in, nurture and convert your leads, outsource it to a social media management agency that has proven results. Give us a buzz.