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So you might have heard that Instagram released a new platform called Threads *starts screaming in social media*.

If you’re wondering whether you need to start promoting your brand on yet ANOTHER social platform, then fear not- we’re here to walk you through it.

Instagram vs Threads~

While Instagram is predominantly about sharing experiences and connecting with people via images and videos, Threads is a text-based social platform where people can share comments about themselves, engage in dialogue with others and discuss current events.

So what are the TOP 3 ways your business could benefit from Threads?

1️⃣ Leverage organic growth and maximise your reach~
Threads provides a structured format for sharing content similar to Twitter. This allows your brand to break down complex topics into a series of related posts which keeps your audience engaged. As paid ads are not available on the platform at this stage, the sequential nature of this posting style is a powerful way to capture and hold your followers attention.

2️⃣ Increase the visibility of your content~
When someone responds to your thread, their responses are treated as a separate post by the algorithm. This means that if one of your threads picks up and starts gaining a lot of traction, it can lead to wider visibility of your post and your brand.

3️⃣ Encourages conversation and interaction~
Threads often encourage conversation and interaction among your followers. When you create a thread, each tweet can serve as a discussion point which allows you to engage with your audience on specific aspects of a topic. This fosters a sense of community and deeper engagement with your brand.

Ultimately, deciding whether or not threads is an appropriate social media tool to utilise in your business will come down to a number of factors.

Ask yourself, 

1. Is this a platform that my ideal user base is currently or will likely start using?

2. Do I have capacity in my business right now to navigate a new social platform?

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