With over half a billion users + 250 million ACTIVE users, there has never been a professional community of such scale before. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool to build your networks and ultimately growth hack your businesss. From client acquisition, mentorships, supplier reationships, recruitment and the list goes on, this is not just for the B2B brands.

However, finding the right people to connect with, sometimes can be a bit tricky to navigate.

Right now, to search new connections and leads, LinkedIn only allows you to search inside your network and up to 3rd Connections. You may recall seeing notifications or recommendations for who to connect with and LinkedIn showing you if they are a second or third tier connection. That is, connected to someone you are connected with or connected with someone who you are connected with’s connection – clear as mud?!

This rule is particularly challenging if you need to access a market that you have little connections with already. In this blog we show you a great little hack we came across, to overcome this hurdle and soar on with building the right connections.

Go to google and search any or a combination of the following:

  • com/in/ AND [jobtile]
  • com/in/ AND [company]
  • com/in/ AND [skill]
  • com/in/ AND [category]

We hope you make the most out of this simple approach and start leveraging the powerful tool that LinkedIn is.