We always get a heap of questions on Facebook Ads and how we create the magic, so we’re bringing you our super-hot tips over the coming months to lift your Facebook Ads game!

This one you’d be daft to miss – creating Lookalike Audiences from a Custom Audience List.  Simple as and will help push your media spend further. Right let’s crack on.

No doubt you’ve spent huge time, effort and money building your customer database. These are the guys who care about your brand already – they are engaged and potential or current buyers. By creating a Lookalike Audience of your current audience, you are bound to see better results!!

Custom audiences can be made of website visitors, Facebook fans, or a customer email list of contacts! Facebook can match the people on your Custom Audience list to people on Facebook and find lookalikes from there – so flippin’ awesome!

First off the bat, create your Custom Audience in 3 steps.

  • Add list. Choose to upload your customer list from .txt or .csv, copy or paste it, all in the ‘paste your content’ field. Give it a name you’ll recognise later.
  • Edit Data Mapping. Faceook shows you your file with 3 symbols.
    1. Green tick = A-ok! Facebook will create lookalikes/matches from there.
    2. Orange ! = check formatting, or you have asked them to leave it out of matching.
    3. Red Triangle ! = Facebook can’t detect the format so re-format, or choose to leave them out.

Top tip! Facebook have an example file. Check it out! FILE TEMPLATE.

Edit as you need, then when you’re good to go, click Create & Upload.

  • Hashed upload and creation. Facebook does this for you on your browser then uploads… be patient it takes a while with a super large file… time for a drink?!

Next take 2 minutes to create and add your Lookalike Audience to your Facebook Ads – let’s get hacking and get it done!

To get there,

– Go to your Audiences

– Click the Create Audience drop-down and choose Lookalike Audience

– Choose your source – your new Custom Audience!

– Choose the country/countries where you’d like to find a similar set of people

– Choose your desired audience size. Facebook gives you a choice from 1-10%. We’d recommend 1-2% for a closer match and more awesome results!

– Click Create Audience and you are off!!!

You now have a new customer database, just like those already engaged in your brand, super-primed to engage and convert.  Remember, Lookalikes are new people who don’t know your brand, so perfect for top funnel prospecting and custom audiences are the bomb for bottom funnel re-targeting. Add them to your sales funnel and watch them convert!

But if you don’t see the magic after a few weeks or get stuck and just don’t have the time to figure it all out – outsource it! We offer Facebook Advertising packages from $1100 per month. Whatever your Facebook Ad issues are, give us a buzz!