Emma Sutherland

THE BRIEF: Emma is a powerhouse. Energetic, relatable and talented, she had a lot of irons in the fire and was stretched thin. She needed help crystallising her business's strategic direction and a vision she could rally stakeholders around.  
  THE WORK: All new business strategy. New brand strategy including brand positioning, message hierarchy, inbound and outbound strategy and brand story. Copywriting and web development.  
  THE HIGH FIVES: "I recently engaged with The Brand Architect to help me gain clarity on my business goals and determine how to best utilise my resources. I now feel I have a clear vision, mission and strategy that allows me to focus on what's really important in driving my business forward. No more time spent wasted on unnecessary tasks! I loved the branding workshops as Stacey was able to detect some fantastic insights which have helped to shape my brand perfectly. I highly recommend engaging with Stacey and The Brand Architect."