Minnow Designs

THE BRIEF: Every marketer worth their salt should also be an entrepreneur. In mid 2014, a fashion designer friend and I pooled our talents and launched 'Minnow Designs'
  THE WORK:  Clean, fun and warm, our designs use contemporary colour, earthy texture and simple lines. We have plans to move beyond children's wear and into women's fashion and homewares so have kept the copy and the design broadly appealing with plenty of scope for growth. I'm responsible for the business and brand side of things, Lorraine does the fun stuff. We do absolutely everything from logo design to photography, social to sourcing and everything in between.  
“Jack wore his beach booties for the first time today on the hot sand and they were a complete hit! (And matched his wetsuit!)” — Danielle Rigg-Smith
“Thank you to Minnow Designs for helping our reluctant beach goer get on the sand!” — Rebecca Brown
“Loving Michaela’s new Minnow shoes! Not just great for the beach but for climbing and playing at the park too!” — Erin Fuster
“First try of our gorgeous beach booties today! They’re great! :D” –Victoria Rampton
“First time trying out the awesome beachbooties by @minnowdesigns. They are unreal. Daddies feet were burning and she didn’t feel a thing. Would recommend these to anyone with little ones.” — @therealdadsofsydney