If you’re running an eCommerce biz, you may not have thought much about SEO. It is often an afterthought and more attention is paid to bringing in traffic through paid digital marketing channels like FB and Google Ads.

But discount organic traffic and you’re missing a key trick! Today we’ll shout out the benefits of search engine optimisation for eCommerce and some key areas of focus to up your game super quick. Let’s begin!

What is SEO? 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and its role is upping the traffic that comes to your website through search engines like the Big G and BING. There are many tactics used by those who ‘get’ SEO for E-Commerce, to optimise your website, to ensure you rank for those relevant words that people use to find items you sell or services you provide. It’s not just about a bunch of keywords though, it is also about growing your domain authority, which is what search engines also use to rank you. Those with a higher authority, will be given preference. SEO providers worth their salt will focus on tactics around ranking for keywords, domain authority growth and a range of other tactics that help people who are searching find you!

Why does an eCommerce company need to care?

Check out your Google Analytics, you’ll find a chunk of your traffic is already through the organic channel. It’s unpaid and reaches people actively searching for your products, so it makes sense to leverage it! Google drives the lion’s share of traffic, so if you’re an eCommerce biz, without SEO, you’re basically leaving money on the table.

By adding SEO targeted keywords to your product titles, headings, ALT images and product descriptions, you’ll be making your merchandise more ‘findable’ online. Simple.

Note: Unlike Paid Digital, SEO can take few months to ramp up, but the benefits are extended and long-lasting and don’t disappear as soon as you turn off the budget.

Just by using SEO, you’ll be rearranging the structure of your store to make it easier to navigate and understand for your customers. Your headings will be more clearly defined, content will be sharper, and products will be effectively labelled, all of which up the chances your customers can find what they’re looking for! Ease of use should then up your conversion rates – Fab.

What are some quick wins to get me started?

It’s super simple to start. Get yourself familiar with some SEO keyword planning tools out there – we did a blog on this previously so check it out here!

Once you’ve got a bunch of those, make sure they are plastered on your site in the relevant sections. This includes getting into the back end, editing your Meta Descriptions, H1s and Titles, ALT images and product descriptions, or if you are not super tech savvy, ask your developer to have a go. Or reach out to us!

Secondly, check your site speed. Google will penalise you if your shop is as slow as a snail. A quick test in Google’s search console will give you this.

Get yourself an internal blog. Google SEO values fresh content and crawls and indexes sites all the time, so fresh content full of your keywords, gives you an edge over the competition. Plus reputation wise, grows your authority.

If you’ve got a physical presence, nab yourself a Google My Business account. Easy to set up and use. You should post regular updates here including offers, updates and images.

We have seen some ace results for many of our eCommerce clients, we’re an SEO agency  who’ve got on board with SEO and we offer eCommerce SEO basic one-off packages from $999, giving you keyword research and mapping content to your website, to get you started. To discuss our SEO service packages, contact us at hello@thebrandarchitect.com.au