Many peeps starting a small business are super focused on the quick wins initially, we get it. The need for cashflow and sales is key to getting your brand off the ground. Digital marketing tools of FB Ads and Google Ads are the go-to for many of our customers.  The investment in SEO, which pays dividends over the longer term with ranking and traffic improvements taking 6-12 months, seems a luxury. 

We would always recommend working with a professional SEO agency who understands what it takes to rank and bring in quality traffic that converts. But what most don’t realise is that there are things that businesses can do in the SEO space themselves, whilst they are starting out, to really help them, until they are in a position to invest more. Today we are going to cover some of them.

Technical Fixes

What is not always widely known is that technical issues can affect your organic ranking. You can have the most relevant amazing content out there, but if your site is full of broken links Google will penalise you! Status codes such as 404s can affect the ranking of your site. It’s vital that you fix these. Having a developer on stand by is helpful but a novice WordPress or Shopify customer can get these done themselves. 

A key part of SEO is user experience so anything that hampers that is going to affect your rankings. Get familiar with Google Search Console, which you can use to pick up those errors and stay on top of them. Check out our blog on the power of GoogIe Search ConsoIe for more information here.

H1s, Titles and Meta Descriptions

These 3 things are 101 for any SEO agency to update. 

Each website page is built with a title and meta description and Google uses this information as part of determining the relevance of your page for users searching. If they have the keywords your audience are searching for, you are more likely to rank!

Updating them to include the keywords that you want to rank in is one of the key parts of SEO. Check out our keyword research tools blog for tips on what those words can be. Remember to take into consideration the ideal length of each of these that Google specifies.

These are pretty easy to update yourself in the back-end, for each page. Some websites such as WordPress with a YOAST SEO Plugin installed make this easy as. But if you get stuck, ask your developer or reach out to us.   

Add a blog

Google loves fresh content on your website and one of the best ways to do this is to have a blog section. It also allows you to position yourself as an expert in your area, which will bring trust to you and your brand. It’s also great for your socials as content to be shared as a link. Simple!


The blog is also another place to put those vital keywords that you want to rank for. You are currently reading our blog, which we send out to our 2 minute hack subscribers, adding value to our customers and potential customers. Getting 1-2 written a month will do the job and is one of the SEO vitals. They need to be around 800-1000 words and solve problems your customers have. If this sounds too time consuming, outsource it to us – we have some great copywriters on the team.


Add Internal links


A little known fact for those unfamiliar with SEO, is how much value internal linking of your site can be! Many of us have heard about the value of link building externally, but there is also so much value to be gained from linking between your website pages.


This could be adding call to action links like apply now or contact us, banners to direct people to the part of the site likely to be useful to them, suggested products or information based on the content of the current page or a link to a blog or from a blog. It’s another easy one that can be implemented quickly and effectively by someone without a lot of technical know-how. 


There are many more SEO tactics we could mention, this is definitely not an exhaustive list, but we wanted to focus on a few of key ones that can be implemented super fast! 


If you’re ready to take it up a notch and enjoy the full benefits of SEO with a robust SEO strategy for your business, reach out to us and book a free 20 minute consult today!