Unlike our roads, it’s slow speed that’s a killer when it comes to our websites.

Have you ever been frustrated when a website loads at the pace your granny walks at? Have you abandoned your visit because of it?

A slow site turns potential customers away, so now you know!

In this blog, we are going to show you a simple hack that you can use to find out how well your site speed performance is rated, across both mobile and desktop.

Let’s face it, if your site speed is annoying your visitors, then this hurts your back pocket. To add a bit more “ouch” factor to that, google does look at this, amongst a bunch of other measures when considering rankings in google search. Although it may not carry as much weight as some measures, it does play a part in determining the relevance of your site to visitors.

All things considered, it’s time you put your site speed on the radar and give it a bit of attention.

Before we show you the hack, let’s discuss two of the biggest culprits when it comes to site speed –  images and videos.

  1. We all love to use beautiful images to keep our site on brand and engaging. However, some of these images take up a lot of room and slow down your site loading time. Ideally you want to serve up your images compressed without impacting the quality of the images or videos.
  2. Optimise your images by saving for web, before you have them loaded to the site. In doing this though, check the image quality trade for size reduction.

Now to our hack. Simply use Google’s PageSpeed tool. Click on the link provided, throw in your URL, hit analyse and wallah! Your page speed insights (and what to fix most importantly) for mobile and desktop are there, on the screen in front of you. The rest, well that’s up to your developer to do the arduous work. Alternatively, if you don’t have a well trusted developer to carry out this work for you, The Brand Architect can help, just give us a holla!