So you have an Insta page, but opening it makes your eyes sting! Your Instagram page is a showcase of your business, it’s values and your visual identity. For so many businesses, untrained in the magic of Insta, it ends up looking like a jumble sale and not representing them well.

Today we go through a heap of easy ways you can lift your Insta game!

  1. Canva templates are your friend

You don’t need to be a fab designer. Check out It has a heap of super-cool Insta templates to get you started. Simples. Choose a background colour and font which matches your brand ID and get crackin’! A great one to start with is a testimonial/quote from a customer or a quote which reflects your brand values. You can place these 1 every 12 posts or throw them in more randomly. Try flippin’ the font and background colours as a cool variation.

  1. Crack the right colour palette

Smart brands on Insta ace this one! Choose a colour palette that matches your visual identity. It could be a wash or filter across all posts or a decision around a colour pop every few posts. Have a play with what works. Bear in mind what your audience will respond to and how you want your audience to feel. Download a bunch of fab images that fit within this colour palette as a starter for 10!

  1. Theme it up!

Content is king with Insta and having consistent content themes will lift your game. Your Insta content should solve customer problems and display your brand values. If you are an author a theme could be promoting reading or education around how to write. For a photographer, it could be tips on getting the best wedding shots.  The rule of 1/3rd education, 1/3rd inspirational, 1/3rd promotional posts is probabl hy. Then test what works from there! Fab.

  1. Lay it out!

Once you have some templates, some super relevant images that fit a colour palette and some content themes that those images match, it’s time to lay it all out. Awesome tools like Umnum and Plann allow you to upload the images and see how it all looks in advance. From there you can swapsy them around for the perfect Insta grid. Upload 12 as a fab place to start and you’re ready to schedule away!

  1. Schedule it and you’re rockin’

Tools like Hootsuite and Loomly save you time and energy in the crazy diet of daily posts, allowing you to schedule it all up front. Although a heap of posts help engagement and reach, we’d recommend quality over quantity and vanity metrics! You’re more likely to be rewarded with ace leads and brand love from an engaging post every few days, than barraging them with a tonne of posts for the sake of driving up followers.  We’d smash out a month’s content scheduled in advance to begin, with a post every 2-3 days. Then sit back and let the data guide you… these same tools can give you access to the metrics that matter, with an eye on which posts your audience are lappin’ up and which fall flat as a pancake!

Finally take 2 minutes to add this super-cool tool to your Insta pagelet’s get hacking

This baby means you can direct customers in your Insta posts to multiple web pages, just by asking them check out the link in your bio page. This could be to book a chat with you, a blog article you want them to read, or visit a hot offer sales landing page.

  • Go to
  • Sign up with your Insta account as the login
  • Add new links using the ‘add link’ button
  • Copy the Bio Link on the right-hand side into your Insta Bio page and you are off!!

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