What is social proof? A social phenomenon that we all practice, seeking the guidance of others, even complete strangers, to make decisions. So why are so few businesses leveraging this in their own businesses? Your prospective customers are desperate for it. They want to reach your website and see that is heaving with proof that you can do what you say you can. They want reassurance that they are making the right decision.

In this blog, we discuss some simple social proof ideas that you can get cracking on straight away.

1. Statistics. Right now, there are so many great plugins for popular website platforms such as WordPress, which creatively present your best business stats to the customer. What statistics are your proud of? Maybe you have hit a milestone number of customers? Perhaps you donate a percentage of revenue to charity? Get these numbers in front of your prospective clients. Encourage them to be part of something great by becoming your customer.

2. Case Studies and Testimonials. And oldie but a goodie. Ensure you have a dedicated page for your customer testimonials and case studies on your site. Make sure it looks the part and it’s easy to digest the content. Consider highlighting the key points and strategically place them across your site. For example, you may decide to display the most powerful testimonial on your home page. Or you might use a product specific testimonial on its product page. And remember keep them current.

3. Who’s Purchasing or Viewing Your “Now” Notifications. Have you ever been on a website and whilst you are checking out an item of clothing or your next holiday destination, you receive notifications informing you of who has just purchased or is looking at this exact thing? Ever got FOMO from this? It’s true, it’s in our DNA, we are influenced by what others are doing and, even more so if there is a time limit or limited availability elements added to that decision-making process. These cool little notifications can reinforce the value of your product or service and help move a customer through to their decision.

4. Media Coverage. If you are a business that has invested in a public relations strategy and it has paid off in any way, get those logos and coverage onto your site pronto! We have seen it too many times where this goes to the bottom of the to do list. If your business has been featured in any media outlet, this is worth its weight in gold. Place the logos on your home page “as featured in…” and create a dedicated page to host the content. Don’t forget to add a contact us form for further media enquiries as well.

At The Brand Architect we love working with clients to develop their marketing funnels & social proof specific content. Get in touch if we can be of any help.