In the world 24/7 social media, the decrease in bricks and mortar businesses in favour of eCommerce, this opens opportunities for smart entrepreneurs, who can reach the masses much more easily and offer services and products directly to the consumer. But beware, just because you CAN reach them, doesn’t mean you are ready to.

Smart biz owners take the time to invest in their brand and marketing strategy first. To be clear on their values and ensure anything their customers or prospects see is on point! So, when they start to reach out, they know who they are, what they stand for, what their brand messaging is and have a Style Guide which guides them and reflects this.

Today we shout out the whats and whys of a Professional Brand Style Guide.. Let’s get at it!

The What.

A Professional Brand Style Guide is your Brand Bible. So what are the vitals to include?

  • Brand Identity. This is the fun creative part, where designers get to play with colours. Your Logo goes here along with guidelines for size, colours and proper placement. Your colour scheme is here also including primary and secondary colours and combos. Your Fonts. What you use, where and when they are appropriate. You might want to ask for some applications too, more on that later!
  • Coms Tools. This is where copywriters get creative. Your tone of voice goes here, a reflection of your brand, if you are fun and chirpy, or serious and formal. You get the gist! Advertising and Media guidelines can go here also including templates as needed. You may want to pop your social media guidelines here also, how you talk to your peeps online.
  • All about you. This section speaks to your core purpose, mission statement and values. Your brand positioning, uniqueness, who you are and perhaps a bit of who you are not. Your target audience and your key messaging to them.

What it should do.

  • Tells your customer who you are

Your guide should reveal who you are and what you stand for. It tells the world what type of product or service you sell and what benefit you offer them. Easy.

  • Differentiates you from the pack

It helps show what makes you, well… you! Whether that’s your brand is more fun and light-hearted than other peeps, or more sober and profesh. Bold or Soft. Certain symbols often represent industries or products, so it can tell people the area you work in and how you do things differently.

  • Draws people to your brand

Good branding design draws people in and makes them want to know you more. Your Style Guide and Logo should be appealing to your target peeps and speak to them. Good brand design establishes credibility to your brand – a small business who invests in good brand and logo design services can stand out from the pack and compete with bigger fish, gaining credibility and a following. In the days of social media, this is super important.

  • The Big C – Consistency

A guide is only as successful as its implementation. A good, super clear one ensures no matter who or how people interact with your brand, whether that is through social media, a newsletter, your website or a little piece of marketing collateral, they have a consistent experience with your brand. A bad one and they are left confused and you lose brand cred. A top one means no matter who works on your marketing, whether in house or agency, contractor or full-time employee, marketing rep or senior director, you get that same result! Fab.   

  • Makes you recognizable

Think of brands like Nike, seeing the symbol, on a t-shirt, Billboard, or point of sale, it is instantly recognizable. But that didn’t happen by accident, but through investment in Brand Design and promotion. They have subtly changed the Logo over time, but we don’t notice that and immediately understand the brand and what it stands for. Good Brand Design will keep your brand fresh, timeless and recognizable no matter where they come across your brand. From your website to Facebook Ads to your GMB page.

  • Build’s loyalty

Customers see your brand as a personality and every interaction they have with it builds a picture in their mind of who you are. Those with a strong positive brand design, used consistently, will earn their customer’s loyalty and build fans. Fans means referrals and repeat business, it just makes sense!

Top 2 Minute Tip: Throw in a couple of applications!

The marketing gurus who created your logo and brand design are perfectly placed to smash out a couple of fab executions of your brand on various forms of media. Maybe 2 minutes is our artistic license here, but it will be quick and takes seconds to ask!

This could be an Instagram profile treatment using your logo, an email sequence, or a business card. Since they are already experts on your brand, helping you bring that baby to life, they should be able to get you something without a huge amount of back and forths.

A professional logo design and style guide is a top tool, which will start you on the right track, but you’ll want to invest in the right marketing peeps to help birth this. You’ll want to consider folks experienced in brand style guides and logo design services to help you. If you’re looking for logo and brand design guide experts, outsource it to a marketing agency that has proven results. Give us a buzz.