If you’re an eCommerce biz owner, knee deep in the day to day; you may not have heard of Google’s Search Console. It’s a nifty free tool in Google’s toolbox and super powerful, if you know how to use it.

Today we’ll shout out the benefits of Google’s Search Console (GSC) for eCommerce businesses and what insights you can draw from its use. Let’s get going!

What is GSC and what can it tell me? 

Google’s Search Console is a free website monitoring tool. It gives insights into a whole range of things relating to your website including views, optimisation of organic traffic and delves into your mobile site performance – which we know are key ranking criteria for Google.

You’ll get info on your highest-pulling search queries and most viewed pages along with a plethora of detail and marketing insights to inform your strategy.

You’ll get feedback on traffic in real-time and what’s happened to key areas of your site. Plus, a visual of the performance of your pages, so if you have a drop off and need to understand what has happened, you’ll be able to isolate and fix it super smart.

GSC can be transformative to any biz who wants to up their SEO performance. You’ll get an understanding the nature of your website structure and health, plus vitally it gives you a way to communicate with Google on them.

What are some key features?

Security Alerts: GSC can alert you when the health of your website is compromised in some way, this could be through hacking or malware for example. It’ll notify you when pages of your site are deleted or blocked by robots, so you can keep on top of any threats before they cause long lasting damage.

Add a sitemap: This is a visual layout of how your site looks to search engines. They show Google and other search engines how to index each of your pages. For small websites, one sitemap can do it. We’d suggest you have a developer on hand to help you with this, or if you don’t, reach out.

Mobile performance: These days the big G prioritises websites that have great performance on mobile in their rankings, so you’ll be wanting to get this right! This fab tool, called Mobile Usability on GSC, allows you to assess how each page performs on mobile.  So simple to use: click ‘test live page’ and if you get a page back saying ‘Page is mobile friendly’ you’re winning!

Link checker: One of the key measurements Google uses to rank websites is its domain authority and the number of quality backlinks pointing to your website. It is why any good SEO expert has link building as a key part of their strategy. GSC has a backlink tracker tool which allows you to track external links, so you can keep tabs on who’s pointing at you from across the internet. You can also keep a track of the internal linking, which helps google understand what your key pages are.  Note that there are other SEO link building and analysing tools which can give you even richer data here, but these are paid tools experts will often use.

Check Broken Links: You don’t want broken links ruining the experience for your customers and future customers. GSC allows you to check where you have broken links, so you can fix them, re-direct them or remove them, pronto! Check this out under ‘Coverage’.

View keyword performance: GSC allows you to, if volume is sufficient, see more than just “organic” as the source of traffic and further explore what search terms comprise this lump of traffic. It presents all the keywords users are inputting to get them to your website. You can sort by click through rates and impressions. You can also view your average position in rankings for each of these and organic clicks. Super.

Some of these things are easily done by the layperson, others you might need a little bit of help with from a developer or someone trained in interpreting the data. We have been able to gain key insights using Google Search Console for both our Service and eCommerce customers. We understand how important good insight is for developing the right strategies for business growth. If you want to speak with us about the best tools for SEO and our SEO services, book a free consult here.