GMB, you may have heard the acronym thrown around. Another one of those that gets bandied about in the office regularly and we forget that most peeps have no idea what we are going on about!? But yet, GMB should be a staple part for any business owner’s digital strategy!

Today we demystify it and explain how GMB can help you smash search and lead targets! Let’s get after it!

  1. The WHAT

This little 3 letter acronym stands for Google My Business. It’s free and helps your biz appear higher on Google Search and appear on Google Maps. It gives peeps info on your company deets including location, number, website, opening hours and customer reviews. Simples!

  1. The WHY

Smart brands include GMB as part of their digital strategy. It helps lift your SEO game and own that real estate. Coupled with a strong on-page and offsite SEO strategy over the long term, GMB will be worth it’s weight in gold. You’ll want to be on board quick smart! It helps you be found locally and builds your cred as a business.

You’ll also get some crackin’ insights into your customers and potential customers through the insights section.

  1. The HOW

OK, the basic set up is simple as! There is a Dashboard where you manage the info Google provides. Grab your company name, email ID, phone no., URL, business addy – which google verifies. Add your biz. hours. You’ll need a bunch of fab images of your office, logo, employee peeps working, and throw in say a short 30 sec vid. You’ll want to write a crackin’ description and you’ll want to encourage your customers to leave some reviews – the more reviews, the more exposure your biz gets! You can also link it to other web review sites.

Top Tip: With GMB you can now do posts – the best kept secret!

Likened to mini-ads where you can promote what’s new, events, time-limited offers, promos and product info! They allow a call to actions like book, order online, buy, learn more, sign up, read this blog here. you get the gist!

They allow you to control what the visitor does AFTER they view the post. The ultimate marketing experiencia!!

They show up when someone searches your business name, on Google or views your GMB profile on Google Maps.

It takes as little as 2 minutes (Ok, maybe we are using a smidge of creative license here!) to craft the ultimate GMB postlet’s get hacking….

Hold Tight – A few need-to-knows to perfect the post!

  • Title – Up to 58 characters
  • Description – Up to 200 characters, but we’d stick to 80-100
  • Insert your searchable key words
  • Image – size 750×750, or if this doesn’t do the job, try 400×300 for size.
  • They expire after 7 days, so mark your calendar to refresh them!
  • Include your CTA and URL to your website. A scarce message can deliver ace results – exclusive offer, limited time and so forth!
  • Appeal to people’s self-interest (words like bargain, why, easy, save, quick, proven) or give some news (words like new, now, at last, discover, announcing, just arrived), both proven to capture more eyeballs!

Bear in mind that although it’s fab, GMB alone won’t enable a flood or organic traffic, you will want to couple it with a strong on-page and offsite SEO strategy. If you want help with this and don’t want improving search to take over your life and driving you batty – outsource it! We offer a range of Digital Marketing packages including all of Google’s goodies – Shopping, Ads, GMB the full gamut. Give us