Defining your brand’s tone of voice can be tricky. It can be a minefield and if this isn’t your zone of genius it can give you a headache on steroids just at the mere thought of it!

However, it is pretty straightforward—your brand needs a voice. There is no getting around that, we’re sorry to break it to you (if someone else hasn’t already). However, nail it, and you attract the RIGHT person and acquire more customers.

At The Brand Architect we work on 9 Principles for Tone of Voice. Take a couple of minutes to run a quick health check on your current tone of voice, against these principles.

  1. More friendly, less formal – write in the way you would speak to your audience if engaging in verbal conversation.
  2. Be succinct – the shorter the sentence, the more weight it carries.
  3. Get to the point – respect people’s time, make your main message front and centre.
  4. Be constructive – focus on the solution, you’re here to make your customer’s lives easier
  5. Be definitive – focus on the absolutes, not the maybes.
  6. Be involved – use an active voice, not a passive one.
  7. Stay open – be there for the customer, let them know the door is open.
  8. Acknowledge your audience – use the insight you have into how they are feeling.
  9. Keep up the energy – less blah and more heya!

How’d you do? If you’re 70% or more across it then give yourself a pat on the back and lock some time in to smash out the rest. However, if you fall within the majority of people who aren’t quite there yet, then use this checklist to start to map out your plan of attack. Or better still, if you rather bounce off the experts then contact us and lock in a 20 minute consult and enquiry about one of our strategy sessions.