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Whether you’re new to Facebook or have been on the platform for years, there are plenty of pitfalls that businesses fall into, which can cost them sales, market share and stunt the overall grow of their brands.

If you’re a small business owner doing it all on your own, or an established business with experience or even an agency you use to help with your ads, this is a great resource to educate you on the common pitfalls and solutions, when it comes to running ads on Facebook.

Male use of our decades of experience and download your copy of the 24 most common pitfalls we see when auditing our clients Facebook accounts. We’re sure there’s at least a couple you’ve come arcoss…


But what does this content framework actually go through?


How are you testing different creative and audiences?


Is your Pixel installed properly?


Why does your video ad have a poor hook rate?


Are my ad campaigns and ad sets set up properly?


And many more …

By avoiding these pitfalls, and applying the correct solutions, you are ensuring your business’s Facebook presence healthy, optimised, and primed for growth!

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