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Kristy Chilman

Kristy Chilman

Owner and Managing Director

Kristy Chilman is a Strategic Marketer and lead-generating machine. With fifteen years marketing experience – over ten of those leading strategy and marketing divisions – Kristy has worked with big name brands in Australia and globally across Europe, the UK, and the Middle East.

An innovative and visual thinker, Kristy loves a challenge; especially one that allows her to flex her creative muscles in the pursuit of thoroughly commercial marketing solutions that help brands grow. Her agile, lightning-fast thinking and tenacious problem-solving skills, along with her knack for identifying a brand’s tone of voice, means that she makes building personality filled brands that customers are lining up round the block to buy (literally) look easy.

Kristy knows her wines as well as her whiskey and doesn’t mind carving up on the D floor (when she’s got a night off from her babies). We tease her mercilessly about the fact that her official title is ‘Lady’. We’re considering printing on her business cards for a laugh.

Adam Landis 

Senior Digital Strategist

There’s a new ‘kid’ on the block! Meet our Senior Digital Strategist Adam.
Adam has worked in ad agencies, web development firms and marketing technology platforms for over 15 years; along the way also making time to start an online business and help out in the family toy shop, until it was sold a few years ago.
An appreciation for great ideas, enjoyment of problem-solving and a penchant for simplifying complex concepts, along with willingness to test and learn and explore new technologies has been key to Adam’s success through a period of rapid transformation in the marketing industry, but as he explains “I just love playing with all this cool stuff!”.

When he’s not crunching figures or writing creative briefs, you’ll find Adam contemplating the perfect wine pairing for his next gastronomical adventure, researching parts for his next PC upgrade or nerding out with mates playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Nina Canet

Nina Canet 

Digital Campaign Manager

Google and Facebook Ads ninja, Nina has close to 2 decades experience in media, marketing and entrepreneurship. A digital marketing machine additionally skilled in CRM, SEO, SEM, PPC, email automation & website analytics, Nina has the unique ability to cut through the techy jargon and get to the heart of her client’s marketing objectives.

One-part killer copywriter, one part data geek with a dash of visual storyteller thrown in for good measure, Nina crafts lead generation campaigns that convert and convert.

The former founder and director of Spanish street music publication, Go Magazine, she’s so deeply Barcelona she’s guaranteed to make you feel uncoordinated and uncool on sight (but she’s way too lovely to notice).

Heather Cox 

Project Manager

The Account Manager you always dreamed of, Heather’s role is specifically to represent the client’s interests. Steeped in our brand values of gratitude, service and hard work, we suspend Heather’s email access when she goes on holiday, such is her commitment to follow through.

Before TBA, Heather spent more than a decade in marketing, commercial, and relationship management roles in telecommunications retailer and supplier environments giving her a broad range of experience across the marketing mix.

A social media tragic and on-the-side content curator, Heather is a natural copywriter. Like all the best Australians, she’s an import from across the ditch. Heather spends her spare time advocating for her special needs daughter and debating Donald Trump’s views (regularly).

Heather Cox
Maddie McMahon

Maddie McMahon

Visual Designer

Utilising her own unique modern, minimalist aesthetic, Madeline is adept at turning our client’s visions into the sort of design that isn’t just beautiful – it’s usable. Working on everything from logos, illustrations, web design, packaging, digital and print Madeline is the yin to our copywriter’s yang, bringing personality filled brands to life creatively, consistently and professionally.

At 20 something (we don’t really want to know) she’s the baby of the TBA family. She’s addicted to face masks, where most of us have given up on them because quite simply, they don’t make a difference once you get past a certain age bracket.

As all good designers do, she draws portraits in her spare time and buys popcorn from the movies without seeing a movie…ok maybe all designers don’t do the last point…

Steve Griffiths

SEO, Digital Metrics and Optimisation

This Englishman eats Web analytics fish and SEO chips for breakfast. Sometimes while tab-hoarding multiple Google Console instances. Others with red eyes from yesterday’s late-night soccer tournament back in the Old Continent.

Steve is our resident expert for everything techy that gets your website as on point as possible, to draw in the organic search traffic. He optimises websites for the latest search algos and makes massive online reach happen.

There’s more to Steve’s Englishness. He’s been known to forget the power of the Australian sun and turn himself pink multiple summers. And rumour has it he’s ok with room temperature beer.

Steve Griffiths

The Copywriter Crew

And then, there’s the whole bunch of them: the wordsmiths smithing some killer voice and swag into our clients’ messaging.

Our copywriters are specialists in their fields, industries and tones, which ensures we always get the right person for the job at hand. From cheerful product websites to ultra-professional emails hitting CEOs’ inboxes, our flexible crew will grasp your brand at a glance and tell your audience the story they’ll want to hear.