In a world where phones, iPads and social media rule almighty, your website is your everything. It’s your first impression, your elevator pitch, your digital check-out, your customer service outlet and the face of your business. While investing in various other digital marketing strategies is key to driving sales or raising your brand’s profile, your efforts will amount to nada if your website isn’t bang on, designed to engage visitors and convert!

With that in mind, this week we cover some of the must have essentials for your website. From design strategies, through to landing pages, SEO to mobile optimisation, we’ll talk you through how a top-notch web design service can help you build the ultimate website for your business.

Today we shout out some key ways you can up the ante on your website. Let’s get at it!

  1. Design

Anyone and everyone can build a website these days. Some platforms are super easy to use – not much more than drag and drop/copy and paste. However, that doesn’t guarantee your website is designed to take your customer on a trip to conversion! A bad experience can put users off your brand for life, so take heed. Leave them with a great experience and they’ll keep coming back.

There are a heap of things to cover here, but a couple of key ones are, with text, less is more – a ton of text to read is off-putting, learn to say more with less, just keep those keywords in for your organic leads and stick to the minimum recommended word counts! Make CTA’s (Calls to Action) crystal clear, easy to find and add them throughout your site – not just the home page. Make navigation easy-as, remove redundant categories and cut out steps to convert wherever possible.

  1. Landing pages

A good landing page is pure gold. It is a single web page used to drive and capture leads. It’ll display info which is the next logical extension of an ad, search result or link. The actions taken on a landing page determines your ad’s conversion rate. A landing page may be part of a microsite or a single page within your main website. They are an excellent tool and drive higher conversion rates as users don’t have to navigate around to find the information they need. Drive them direct to a page to lock in a meeting, or straight to a product they were keen on. They just make sense.

  1. SEO

When building your online site, you’ll want a rock-solid SEO strategy. This should include an onsite and offsite plan, but for this blog we’ll just focus on the onsite part.

A super optimized website needs to have a healthy back end, with a great Google pagespeed score (more on this one later!). This means it runs super-fast, and it runs well! This is a time-consuming task so you’ll want to work with a SEO development team you can trust here to get the job done right.

You’ll want to do your keyword research and implement Headers, H1s and Meta Descriptions capturing those customers are looking for. Couple this with a good content strategy to drive those organic leads your way! If this all sounds Greek to you, reach out. We can demystify the jargon.

  1. Mobile Optimized

Mobile browsing IS the new normal so mobile optimization is a must. Mobile traffic has officially surpassed website traffic, so if you snooze, you will lose those precious leads as peeps get annoyed with websites which don’t look the part on a mobile screen. Make responsive design a must have. It helps search too, as directories prioritise websites that are Mobile friendly.

  1. Use a developer

We mentioned earlier that some platforms make it easy-as to pull together a website but if you want one that will grow with your biz, optimized for conversions, don’t be tempted to go with a designer who says they can build one for you, if they don’t also have development skills. The front end might look fancy, but the back end could be a mess, leaving you with a slow site that won’t rank, and users won’t be able to find you! It’s a mistake we see a lot, many clients come to us to fix their sites after this has happened to them – you’ll thank us for avoiding this one!

Top Tip: Check your page speeds!

Marketing Agencies offering website development services will let you know that one of the key things that can let a page down is speed. No one has time to wait around for a page to load… thankfully there is a free tool that you can use to check this out, which leads us to our hack.

This handy Google tool, in less than 2 minutes, checks your page speeds, as you add elements like pics and videos or sections and take them away! ?Just visit this site, add your website URL and click analyse. It’s simple as.

This is a top tool, which will highlight your speed pain points, but you might want some help deciphering and acting on it and without a proper website strategy, you’ll miss out on giving your customers an optimized experience that will convert, so you may want to consider folks experienced in website development services to help you.

If you’re looking for web development services based in Australia and want an onsite strategy designed to bring in, nurture and convert your leads, outsource it to a website design service agency that has proven results. Give us a buzz.