Welcome back to another hack. We’ve been happily onboarding a bunch of new Facebook Ads clients, which naturally means we’re spending a lot of time chatting about Facebook Ads funnels, Facebook retargeting & advertising ROI.

One of the first things we check when we on-board one of our clients is if they have a Facebook targeting pixel installed.

We know that for our Facebook Ads to be as effective as possible, we need to know what actions customers are taking on a clients website & how we can best encourage them to engage & buy.

What is a Facebook Pixel and what does it do?

In short, a pixel is a short piece of code, created by an ad server like Facebook or Google that you then insert into certain pages of your website. Once loaded, when someone visits your website the Facebook pixel tracks that person’s Facebook ID & their behaviour on your site and allows you to target them later with a ‘follow up’ Facebook ad.

Your visitor with a Facebook account who visits your website can be served a sequence of your ads with the purpose of prompting a conversion. For example, you can re-target them with a specific message if they have added an item to your shopping cart, got distracted and left.  This can bring your cost per conversion down as you are serving ads to someone who has already shown interest in your brand.

You can also track where they left your site and work out if many of your leads have left at a certain point, highlighting areas of your website or sales process that may need to be optimized.

Usually, unless you are particularly tech savvy, these pixels should be installed by a developer. We have had experiences in the past where these have not been installed correctly and we lose vital information on lead quality and where to channel our client’s investments.

A quick and simple hack, to check for if your website has Facebook Pixels installed is to Download Tag Assistant by Google or the Chrome Pixel Tracker extension to check a pixel has been set up.

If you would like any help from us to ensure you have cost effective Facebook Ads which deliver ROI please contact us at hello@thebrandarchitect.com.au.